Home Exercises

Below you will find common Lang Hand Therapy handouts. 

Disclaimer: The exercises below are intended for current Lang Hand Therapy patients, only use under the direction and guidance of therapist. You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. Use of these materials without guidance of a Lang Hand Therapy hand therapist is strictly forbidden.

Finger / Digit Exercises

Tendon Gliding

Finger Active Range of Motion

Finger Blocking

Finger Passive Range of Motion

Thumb Exercises

Thumb Active Range of Motion

Thumb Blocking

Hand Exercise/Strengthening

Eggercizer Strengthening

Rubber Band Exercises

Wrist & Forearm Exercises

Wrist Flexion/Extension Active Range of Motion

Wrist Radial / Ulnar Deviation

Wrist Strengthening, 5 directions

Forearm Pronation/Supination Active Range of Motion

Elbow Exercises

Elbow Flexion/Extension Active Range of Motion